Spectral Capital Promotion Methods

One thing that is often missing with early stage companies seeking financing is the ability to turn a great product into a venture capable of making a profit. Here at Spectral Capital Promotion, we deal with many companies in our role as a technology accelerator, and we understand the importance of an effective way to make the great idea become a profitable and thriving venture.

Future revenue generating potential can be reduced, and the revenue stream delayed, if a founder works with an outside sales professional too early during the business cycle. It is a common misconception to think that hiring a successful sales professional will guarantee immediate sales and a steady revenue coming in. A company at an early stage may appear to be well organized and have the necessary resources, but the truth of the matter, according to most experienced sales professionals, is that these companies don't have customer endorsements, effective sales literature or the full support of support professionals. A company at an early stage simply doesn't have the experience or insight needed to tell them if they need to make product changes, and many simply don't know how to sell their product effectively. Low company morale as well as a high rate of failure are inevitable for companies who choose to hire an experienced sales professional at this early stage.

Even with little or no sales training, the founders of these companies are the true professionals and their goal should be to take over the role of sales person. A founder's detailed product knowledge, desire to be successful and willingness to accept useful feedback all make the founder the obvious choice for a sales person at this early stage. Adapting products, and introducing new features, often on the fly, may be called for and founders are in a much better position to make these important business decisions. Founders can potentially become much better leaders in the future as well as now, if they are prepared to cold call.

Founders who have a background in the entrepreneurial side of the business tend to be better at taking on this role than founders who have a background in technology, although without taking this important step there is no sure way to know how the product will sell. A company should only think of venturing into outside sales when the right method has been devised and a script that can be used effectively in outside sales has been developed and implemented.

If you are an early stage company whose goal is to go from $0 to being profitable, contact Spectral Capital Promotion immediately. Our research and experience has found that one of the most important steps for an early stage company to take is this one.

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